Monday, January 11, 2010

Oh snap.

It's 6am, and I'm at work. I know Kara is awake, and decide to send her a naughty little note to help her wake up.

Me: *pinch*

Kara: Oooh! :o Bet you were a pincher in grade school too! ;)

Me: Nope! A BRA STRAP snapper!!

Kara: Oh God! You WERE evil ... :p

Me: I only did it to friends. ;)

Kara: Sheesh! Lucky (?) friends!

Me: C'mere. So's I can shnap your strap. Wench.

Kara: Now that's more like it! ;)

Me: You just want me to have at your tits. ;)

Kara: Yep! My tits like you! They think very fondly of you! ;)

Me: *caress*stroke*cup*squeez*kiss*lik*palm*tease*nibl*bite*

Kara: Yes! My tits are very happy right now ...

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