Sunday, February 14, 2010

Decadence and pleasure.

As you read this, my pet and me are enjoying Madagascar vanilla lobster bisque and applewood smoked chicken supreme with orange and cranberry gastrique at Biagio. We're enjoying an excellent wine. Soon, we'll decide between the chocolate creme brulee or the citrus cheesecake, and then we'll casually make our way back to my home, to my bed.

I've always enjoyed Valentine's Day, and often have used it as an excuse (as if I needed one) to spoil both my lover and myself senseless. Even in leaner times, I've learned the wonders that can be created with basic homecooked meals, a few candles, and warmed massage oil.

And Kara's definitely getting a little spoiled lately. Recently, I took her to her second playparty, for which she donned an excellent lingerie ensemble that the birthday faeries found for her. She started our evening's fun with giving me some excellent and serendipituous head, and the playparty went even better than her first. She later confessed that she had wanted to suck me again at the venue, but alas, the poor thing was just too exhausted after the submissions she had been subjected to during the evening's fun.

Later this week, she'll attend her third, and for that evening's pleasure we recently acquired a delicious corset and rubber skirt set along with some very adventurous shoes for her. "Momma Anna," our Northbound saleswoman with a rich and glowing attitude, has since become an interesting figure in our kink headspace, as her exquisite skills have left a pleasant and lasting impression on us both.

Hey, baby. I love you. It's such a pleasure to have you in my world; to spoil you rotten, and then to spank you for it. I adore your articulate senses, your vibrant spirit, your calm and open being. You're cool. Introducing you to new saucy depths and shameless living has become a joy for me, and I'm so pleased that you're embracing and celebrating with me, beside me, my hands at your waist.

I still think of the first kisses we shared in the lifeguard chair that night as we listened to the lake and the kids strumming guitar in the sand below us. I still think of the limitless laughter we shared as we cheered the bats on, watching them amid the moonlit trees around the cottage.

Being with you gives me such pleasure, and I enjoy sharing my strength and adventures with you. I enjoy you. I look forward to the necklaces we can fashion from the pearls, both white and black, that we'll take from the oysters of our future world.

This Valentine's Day, I fully intend to take complete and shameless advantage of you.

But first... enjoy your creme brulee.


Anonymous said...

How sweet !! Kara is a lucky girl :)

Rogue said...

I agree.

Kara said...

Yes I am lucky! And so is Rogue. We are lucky that our strengths fit so well as to make an exciting jigsaw puzzle. But have no doubt, Me, there are black pearls in with the white ... and I cherish them all! What I always focus on is the gentle care we feel toward each other, which comes through often during and always after each butting of minds, grating of psyches. I cherish the care and the challenges that I recieve from you, Rogue. With you I can be my best self, which sometimes means re-designing my unaware self, to see with loving eyes that are more open. Mwah!!