Friday, February 5, 2010

The mice will play.

Serene, one of the happy dykes who lives below me, is away on holiday in Cuba with her partner. Lacey gets to have their pad all to herself.

I'm coming home during a break in my workday. The door to Serene and Lacey's place is directly next to mine and at the top of a flight of stairs. I'm sliding my key into the lock when I hear a feminine voice, saucy in tone.

I hadn't realized that Serene and Lacey's bathroom was so close to their front door, because the sound of a running shower is loud and clear. The bathroom door must be open, just on the other side. Lacey is showering and her lover is speaking to her, taunting her, completely unaware that she's being heard. Oh, the grin on my face.

Airline Attendant: Well! Look at you, all tramped up in the shower!

Lacey: (over the noise of cascading water) Mmmm mmmm!

Airline Attendant: ...I'm gonna stick my finger up you. Stick my finger up you and lick you and suck you and buzz you...

Lacey: Ooo...

I picture Lacey's girlfriend leaning against the doorjamb, pulling a shower curtain aside to get an eyefull of Lacey's strong, blonde form. I picture Lacey's lover as a saucy brunette, her head tilted naughtily, biting her lower lip or keeping the tip of her tongue aainst her teeth as she audibly teases Lacey with her plans.

Airline Attendant: ...I'm gonna buzz you, baby, buzz you like you've never been buzzed before...

Lacey: (laughs) Oh, yeah!

She trails off with a laugh, singing a song to herself. The shower continues to run as I turn my key and go inside my place. I'm left smiling, wondering what vibes lay awaiting Lacey in the side table next to her bed.

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