Saturday, February 6, 2010

She gave me some beaver.

Knowing that I'm a history buff (you didn't think sex was my only interest, did you?), Kara gave me a subscription to a national history magazine for the winter holidays. Pretty cool, eh?

But just as my subscription started, I couldn't keep my head from hitting the desk is ironic amusement when I learned The Beaver would be changing its name to Canada History. Why? Because all the search engines and porn filters were going haywire in the quest for, right, beaver, and the poor, tweed-jacketed historians just couldn't take it any more.

The times we live in, man.


Rogue said...

And I think it's hysterical that this topic has since been lampooned by Steven Colbert, where he seeks making the phrase "Canada's History" an equally sexualized term.

Anonymous said...

It's so SAD they're going to change the name ... that was part of the appeal!!