Tuesday, April 27, 2010

... and eating her too.

She had had a rough day, and so it began with a bath.

I caressed her hair as we talked, soothing her shoulders with drizzles of hot water as she told me of the trials in her day. Being a scrappy rake, a well-dressed rascal, or a nasty-ass leatherdaddy certainly doesn't prevent me from my moments of indulgent adoration and pampering. She is, after all, my pleasure. I watched contentedly as I dropped the bath bomb between her ankles as she sunk deeply into the antique claw-foot tub. For all the times I had given them as gifts, I had never actually seen one in action, and I smiled as the roiling scented froth filled the steaming water with her.

Later, naked, I stood in her kitchen and drizzled a swirl of organic chocolate sauce on the pottery plate. Setting a slice of vegan chocolate layer cake upon it, I flanked this sexy creation with four slices of fresh, ripe blackberries and made my barefoot way up the white stairwell to her bedroom.

I really have no idea where Cake and Cunnilingus Day came from, but when I happened upon its site during a casual netsurfing moment, I knew it was something I had to indulge Kara in.

She smiled at me from over her Laurel K. Hamilton novel, and her eyes popped open when she saw the cake in my hands.

"OoOOOOooo..." she cooed, holding her hands out eagerly for her treat, batting her eyes in oh-so-(not)-innocent fashion. The four layers of dark cake, fused by the rich and near-black icing, slid along the tip of the silver fork as she tried her first mouthful and held it on her tongue. Her eyes closed, her chest heaved with indrawn breath, and she chuckled very quietly as I drew the thick duvet from over her body and slid into bed with her.

Mammoth pillows firmly supported her back as she sat semi-upright in the bed, and my knees met her feet as I lay atop of her. I cradled her hips in my warm hands and began nuzzling into her taut belly as she slowly took another mouthful of decadence.

Pressing my lips to her soothed skin, I nibbled along her hips and thighs as I reached around her to caress her lower back from over her pillows. We each languished in our respective feasts for the senses as we relaxed. She nibbled on a blackberry, the juice staining her lips. I nibbled at her navel. She licked her fingers. I licked her thighs.

I smirked as I looked up, and with a teasingly small drizzle of chocolate sauce staining her lips, she smirked back. I leaned upward for a long, sensual kiss, tasting both sauce and flesh, before I bit my own lower lip as I started to part her thighs with a taunting finger. She chuckled as she opened her legs further, and soon I was breathing deeply in and smiling inwardly as she revealed her dark mound and pillowy folds to me.

She set the plate aside on the duvet as I leaned closer and began nuzzling my face into her soft, warm, downy, trimmed and womanly fur. The scent of the bath and her skin made sparkles in the back of my head as I drank her in, and it wasn't long before my hands were firmly grasping her upper thighs as I tilted my head to gently dart the tip of my tongue just above and around her raising clit.

I teased her, and when she opened her legs further for me, hunching lower onto the bed, I coated her puffy mound with slow and sensual swabs with my wet tongue. I slid it between her folds. I nibbled on her thighs. She moaned quietly and began to seethe lustfully as she eagerly enjoyed my attention, and when she began thrusting herself closer to my mouth I gave her what she wanted.

Slowly, I slid my tongue into her as she opened like a feral orchid, and I tasted her elixers joyfully. Kara has such a clean and feral texture to her, as if she were a polite fruit with a scorchingly auburn center and fragrantly sweet nectar underneath her smooth and charming skin. A mango.

I bobbed my head slowly as my tongue trailed circles around her clit, which always sends her into a frenzy. She gyrated on the bed when I began to suck on her nubbin, gasping and tugging my hair, almost sending her plate of cake to the floor. It was then, as I heard the fork clatter and clink, that a deliciously naughty idea occured to me.

I knelt up and held the plate before her. Kara blinked, then smiled when she watched me scoop a rich, black chocolate icing flower from the edge of the slice upon the tip of the fork. Still holding it, I brought my mouth back to her drenched and gorgeous pussy and began swabbing her clit even more earnestly then before. She bucked and groaned, and I brought the fork to her mouth. She chuckled again.

Both of hands now held her hips as I began licking and sucking her clit deeply into my own mouth, her tiny pebble darting in and out between my wet lips while I sucked, as the dense icing swirled along her tongue. Immediately, Kara was awash in a sensation of complete and total decadence, every nerve and synapse in her faerie body responding to combined heights of pleasure. In both tasting the rich chocolate at the very same time she was getting sucked in the way that always sends her off, she cascaded into blissful oblivion.

She came almost immediately, and didn't seem to know whether to laugh or cry while she tried to scream through a mouthful of chocolate. She shook uncontrollably under me, and I held my sucking mouth firm to her as she thrashed through her waves. All the while I caressed and held her thighs until she finally began to slow herself down. I lessened my pace until my tongue was only barely touching her with short little swirls.

She took a long time before she caught her breath, and even when she did, it was the rapid blinking of her eyes, her deep gasps, her spechlessness that told me just how much fun she had just had. Mmmm.

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Me said...

The sensation of chocolate and orgasm fused together took me beyond pleasure to other-worldly! Let's do it again!!! :P