Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Having my cake...

I love the slow tease when my face is pressed against her taut stomach, my hands slowly caressing her arms. I rain soft and tender kisses to her there, and can feel my cock harden in my jeans when I press my jaw against her own denim-covered nexus.

As I snap the button, my head of my cock is straining against the denim I'm wearing, and the rough material makes my glans widen as I anticipate the scent of her.

The zipper gets lowered and I'm gently tugging her jeans down from the waist, while my eyes are greedily taking in the sight of her soft panties. I'm squirming under her. She raises her knees. One by one, her legs emerge from the jeans, and when one is raised enough to remove the pants entirely, I sneak a glance at the small stain of wetness on her covered crotch.

I want to bury my face there, and do. I'm drinking her in, flicking my tongue against her and over ther underwear, soaking her panties more. My hands are massaging her thighs, caressing her, biting her, enjoying her muscles and her skin and the cute ripple that comes from a gentle smack.

Slowly, teasing myself, I tug the hem of her panties lower. Her navel entrances me. The first sight of a wisp of fur captures me. My cock is made of steel and my tongue is wet velvet. I close my eyes, move even closer, and fill my lungs with her clean, feral allure.

I roll the cotton downward until they seem little more than a string connecting one outer thigh to another. I kneel up and peel them away, smiling as each of her legs, each of her feet, escape its confines. I lay back down, and she rests an ankle on my back.

I look into her eyes. I don't close them again until her moist, tender warmth has met the width of my curious, insatiable tongue and her essences seethe across my mouth, lips, and into my throat.

If you didn't know already, tomorrow is Cake and Cunnilingus Day. Enjoy.

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