Tuesday, April 6, 2010

The hazard.

The scene: In my car as I'm cruising toward Kara's house.

Radio host #1: "...and Tiger's gotta know that everywhere he goes, everyone he's with, everything he says is being watched now. He may as well live like a cloistered monk. He can't even be seen asking a hotel cleaning maid for a box of Kleenex without..."

Radio host #2: "Saying a 'box of Kleenex' is an innuendo for something?"

Radio host#1: "No, I mean, he can't ask for a real box of Kleenex without someone with a camera phone jumping out of..."

Radio host #2: "You know, he said that he had 'hit bottom.' Right. I bet he hit a lot of bottoms."

Radio host #1: "Well, I was gonna say 'a camera phone lurking behind every bush,' but I reconsidered that one too!"

1 comment:

Inferno said...

Poor Tiger... and it is true.
Everybody has a camera phone.