Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Carol gives me her ass.

Kara was out on a date, of sorts, and I was enjoying some tea and futzing around on Twitter. I like to be selective about whom I "follow," but it's true that I have a weakness for interesting, sex-positive women involved in one element or another of consensual adult fun. For me, that usually means fellow writers, sociosexual pioneers and advocates, or local porn stars. Take Montreal's own online 'amateur' Carol Cox, a fiery mid40s blonde, for example. Her ballsy don't-fuck-around-just-fuck-me-goddammit attitude makes me smirk.

To me, Carol Cox is among an interesting, seasoned sex-positive internet elite. I'm intrigued with people who saw the internet's sexual potential early on, and she began sharing her saucy self long before the days of Twitter or Facebook. I think that's very cool.

So recently, when she tweeted about finding a past picture of herself, I couldn't help but peek.

@CarolCox Just came across an old promo pic for my website...

I can't help but notice the sparklybits barely hiding the girlybits on the other model. I'm in a goofy mood, so I reply. Does Carol know me? Nah. I'm just being a fun smartass.

@UrbanRoguery When I die, will I head toward the light?

@CarolCox The dark is always much more fun. ;)

@UrbanRoguery Oh, now, if you're offering me *that* option... turn over. ;)

@CarolCox hahahaha, I wasn't even thing about that, but it's all yours for being quick ;)

Mmm. All mine. Which, of course, gets me fantasizing about fucking this delicious blonde sexythang in her tightest places. Ain't I bad?

@UrbanRoguery Ok. Now I'm thinking about @CarolCox 's beautiful derriere. Be still my heart. Thank you, Twitter.

@CarolCox Thinking about my derrière? Just for you ...

I think I made a new friend.


Aurore said...

Ah you romance all the ladies on Twitter. And here I thought I was special :p

Rogue said...

But you are special, daahlingk. Me, I'm a shameless flirt.

But then, that's part of why you loves me, no? )