Monday, July 13, 2009


> Date: Tue, 30 Jun 2009 17:46:24 -0400
> Subject: Re: A Quickie ...
> From: Kara
> To: Rogue
> >
> > I like quickies, too! And then going out on the town still feeling and
> > smelling someone else all over me ;)
> Fantastic. Then here's my kiss, and yield to me when I spin you
> around, place your hands on the edge of the kitchen table, undo your
> pants, tug them down to your calves, and squat behind you as I swab my
> warm, wet, searching tongue throughout and deeply inside your
> beautiful core until you're drenched and panting. Feel me stand up
> behind you and enjoy the sight of me from over your shoulder as I
> press your chest down to where we share meals. My warm and strong
> hands will feel firm and demanding at your hips just after I've parted
> your bottom and spread your thighs, and just before you hear the
> drawing of a zipper and feel the spongy, warm, urgent tip of my girth
> as it begins to part past your glistening petals. Feel yourself get
> taken by me, the fullness of me slowly sliding into your lovely body
> until your bottom is pressed firmly against my pelvis. I want to fuck
> you, baby. In the kitchen. Hard.


Now I am WET!!



For me to know and you to find out said...

Jesus.. What you doing this evening?
LOL.. Very nice picture

sidhne said...

i'll take one to go, pls ... ;o)

Rogue said...

And... so why haven't you guys called, mm? ;)