Sunday, July 5, 2009

The summer of love.

What a difference that a season or two will make.

I'm cruising on King Street, watching the fireworks in the night sky far and ahead of me, the sunroof open and my new car pulsing with Rob Hirst's percussion, when it strikes me how great everything is. The last month of two have had its share of very rough challenges from each of the four elements, but God knows that the end of that has come. Feels good.

Working steadily again, rebuilding the goals. It's kept me busy. Plans in the works for future playparty events to attend. Some friends of mine recently were featured in a Fetlife photo shoot. There's an excellent exhibit of ancient erotic sculpture in town that I plan to check out. My bodybuilding is gradually progressing nicely, and I have plans for new and very well-earned ink.

And the dating has been stellar. An English pub with the Spanish Teacher, a dropdead gorgeous puertorriqueña, was fun and relaxing. Pero no había suficiente chispa. Ah bien. (Y la barrera del idioma me habría hecho loco.) Some amusingly social emails with the Socialist. Pleasant chatting with the Yoga Instructor, a lovely longhaired brunette, may yield to coffee after some sun salutations sometime... but, as of the last week or so, I don't seem to be in all that of a rush.

Enter the Math Teacher. An early40s former clown and shorthaired brunette, she has the sassy good looks of a naughty librarian and the bod of an equally sassy and naughty faerie. We've spent quite a bit of time together lately, and it's always been hysterical fun. There may be some solid relationship potential here, guys. She's smart, clever, creative, and tells me that my cock is beautiful.

Yeah. You can't help but like that. Particularly when the woman telling you used to identify herself as lesbian.

Looks like it's going to be a good summer.


13messages said...

You're a man among men. Keep sharing the good vibes.

pennyroyal said...

Beats a selfish narcissist, no?

Rogue said...

Thank you both for your remarks. Thank you, 13: I will. And yes, Pennyroyal, while I do miss my friend very much and contunue to wish her the best and continue to desire that she gets her head clear and realize that I'm not her damned enemy, it's also true that some advantages have presented themselves as far as my current partner is concerned. I write that with no malice, and with still the wish to see, hold, share with Shayne again, because the good that we did have was nicely good, and because the bond I thought we had was bigger than our fucking.

But, you know, hey.