Monday, August 3, 2009

In the bluelight.

The room was blue with morning light, and all was quiet and relaxed and sensual as we held one another with legs akimbo on the silk sheets. We smelled of the previous night's sex, the daquiris that still lingered on our tongues, and sleep. It was intoxicating.

My cock was alert and thick, strong against the warm softness of her thigh, as my body roused himself from slumber. In the distance, a cat mewled for breakfast. I coiled my arm around her waist and gently thrust my shaft against her leg as I held her back to my chest. She smiled in the bluelight and groaned quietly as she felt the tip of me softly poke toward the curve of her delightfully pert little butt. She turned around to face me, reached under the sheet, and with a small, warm hand, gently cupped and held my full and smooth balls. I love it when she does this, when she does this unexpectedly, when she does this because she desires to, and when he does this, it transports her from the slightly shy and introverted self she so often shows the world into that lustier version of her that I've come to treasure nurturing.

Kara stroked my cock slowly as I lay on my back. I felt thick and I was throbbing as she pulled the sheet down to look at me and her influence. I listened to her breathing quicken as her head rested beside mine, her tender mouth to my ear.

To me, the only kind of woman who is sexier than a completely confident and sexually empowered one is a curious and excited innocent who is opening herself up and on the path to getting there.

I groaned as she stroked me, her soft hand gliding along my shaft and firmly gripping my girth. I was straining. The muscles in my dick were beginning to tighten more and more, needing attention.

"Suck it, baby," I spoke into the blue. "Suck my cock."

She paused, and in the darkness, I knew she was smiling.

"Please," I added, with a chuckle.

She kissed me and her smooth, tiny body began snaking down toward my legs. Her adorable little tits grazed my ribs as she clung to me on her way down, and soonshe knelt betwen my opened legs, my full balls and straining dick in her view.

"Well," she whispered as she brought her face to me, "as long as you're saying 'please'."

It isn't that Kara dislikes fellatio, but I think she hasn't had to many expeiences with men who are willing to (much less enjoy) giving her the nurturing praise that she deserves. This breaks my heart for her, but I also languish in the opportunity to metaphorically hold her hand from time to time, and give her genuine, loving, hot and positive feedback. Doing that is part of my fun anyway.

I like to believe that, during one occasion when I simply invited her to suck my cock at her own pace and leisure, and for her own pleasure and exploration, that in that moment I began escorting her away from past baritone voices in her head that made demands without regard to her own fun. "I want you to have fun," I had often said to her.

On this morning, she had lots and lots of fun.

Her kissable lips parted to take my cockhead in, and I smiled as I felt my glans welcomed along her tongue. She bobbed her head slowly, feeling me in her mouth, coating my girth with her saliva as she gently held on to my balls. I squirmed.

"Suck it on the upstroke, babe." I whispered. "That feels so good." When she did so, her energy shifted slightly, and I knew she was tasting my hard and warm flesh even more so than before. She began moaning with my cock in her tightening mouth, and I screwed my eyes shut with pleasure.

She started bobbing her head faster, her sucking continuing, and it wasn't long before I was caressing her short hair between my fingers and thrusting gently upward and past her taut, wet lips. Feeling her wet and tightened lips pass over my glans, again and again, had me seeing stars.

"Let me feel your tongue too," I whispered breathlessly. As she continued to suck, she began darting the tip across the head of my cock, and my back arched as I thrust deeper into her not-quite-as-innocent little mouth.

She withdrew me to slide her tongue down the length of my shaft, and then returned t sucking and stroking me with a coiled fist around the base of my dick. I was drenched in her saliva and as she jacked me I felt her wet fingers grip tightly and direct my cockhead into the hollow of her cheeks. She slurped noisily, passionately. The high school teacher was sucking my cock as the morning sun crept into the bedroom, and she was well on her way toward earning a stellar grade of her own.

Suddenly, she withdrew, gasping, her face wet and contorted with passion. She rested her forehead against my thigh while her hand continued to blur as she jacked my cock, covered in her spit. She jacked me quickly as she gasped, her legs writhing as she felt her own desire swell her beautiful, feral cunt to rhubarb red. As she caught her breath, I tugged at her hair gently and listened to her as she marveled at how much she was enjoying this. How much she liked the taste of my dick in her mouth. How she liked feeling me thrust along her tongue. How she liked feeling her lips widen enough to take me.

It wasn't long before she was sucking me more, and it wasn't much longer after that before she was climbing on top of me to thrust me deep inside her waify body. But before she did, she made a suggestion that both surprised and elated my tawdry, naughty self.

"If you're going to teach me so much about this," she said with a grin, her mouth still puffy and wet from feasting on my dick, "then maybe I need a schoolgirl uniform."

As you read this, she and I are taking a trip to a cabin on a secluded Ontario lake. A sauna, the expanse of trees, and a fireplace await us there. We will do yoga and I will roast cornish hens. We will canoe. She already knows that I expect her to suck my cock in the woods. I intend to fuck her long and hard as she splays herself over a stone or a log or the desk rail of our cabin.

After then, a uniform could be a definite possibility. Oh, irony.

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