Saturday, August 1, 2009


The truth is that I hardly know where to begin. If I've seemed silent lately, believe me when I tell you that it isn't because I've been idle.

Clarity is a healthy and good thing, and while there will remain a great deal about what was shared (such as it seemed) between my last primary partner (such as it seemed) and myself that I still enjoy the memories of, I also know that sometimes it takes a complete redirection in the world before beginning to comprehend what was amiss prior to change. In these last few weeks, and in the last week or so in particular, I feel as though I'm getting fast-tracked into some bold, healthy, sexily glorious new awarenesses and opportunity. Aphrodite is being both kind and revolutionary. I have clarity, fun, and sextastic possibilities before me. Life is good. Really, amazingly, comfortably, finally good.

Kara, the Math Teacher, is a gentle, savvy, sassy, articulate, sharp, lithe, faerie whisper of a tomboi woman with short dark hair and eyes like small jade discs. I have to remind myself that she's in her early40s, because in both looks and spirit she is a woman of half her age and could easily pass for one of her probability students. Gracefully feline, I behold art incarnate when I hear her chant in the morning, or see her in natarjasana positions.

Her petite, dryad's form belongs on canvas adored by Waterhouse. With her shorn, straight hair, the nape of her lovely neck is always edibly available for me to feast upon (which she adores), and her skin, soft as oak moss in the wood, faintly tastes of almonds and spiced vanilla. Her deliciously charming, small faerie breasts are capped like candies with alert nipples standing proudly atop tiny, sensitive, pink areolae. Despite having brought a pair of excellent, delightfully golden children into the world, yoga and biking have left her with a taut, sexy tummy. Her beautiful, sensual ass is small, heart-shaped, and as pert as a split peach. A fabulously soft triangle of short, dark curls beautifully adorns her feral pubis. When aroused, her outer cushions swell and darken like ribald, wild fruit begging to be tasted slowly, its nectars a thing to be savoured.

It pains me that, as I am told, few past lovers have given her the bodily adoration a lovely waif such as she deserves.

This I have every intention to amend.

In my life, I've languished in the company of many bodytypes of women, and I've treasured them all. But if I were ever asked of what visage would make me happiest, as a man, as a lover, would I have no other choice for a playmate for the rest of my scandalous days, what I might share would likely surprise some people: mildly dykey, just slightly geeky, educated, shorthaired, petite brunettes. And I've found her in Kara.

She is the stuff of my fantasies.

But even more important than her appearance, and this to my own surprise, is the immediate ease in which she and I seem to be drawing closer to one another. There is no angst, no sense of struggle, no discomforts of note, no worries. There is no superficial narcissism or disconnects. There is no expectation for unyielding openness while retaining battened hatches. There are no hidden agendae. There are no yo-yos. We get along as easily as if we'd known one another since grade school, and every thought shared between us reminds us of the real, resonant, giving desires we each have come to learn about ourselves because we are each smart enough to have learned about ourselves.

Not that we don't have some differences. My sense of kink is almost entirely new for her, and that to the strong contrast to where my previous partner has since gone. But, much to Kara's delightful surprise, we're embracing this difference as a delicious opportunity rather than a liability between our sexual selves. My experience in kink offers her a pirate's treasure of sensual new possibilities that no previous man (or woman) has been able to previously share, leaving only in question of how deeply, how greedily she would wish to dig in the island sand... and her combination of curiousity and innocence delights my thickening cock with every fantasy I've ever had about corrupting young beauties down a wayward path to sensual perdition.

And for the first time in years, I'm not feeling a "need" to date elsewhere, at least for the forseeable future. Whether or not this new partnership will become monogamous remains to be seen (we both agree in the view that monogamy is fundamentally alien to the human animal), but for the first time in a long time, I'm much more interested in nurturing and exploring the possibilities ahead of me, building this foundation, rather than take time and energy away from that prospect. I suspect, if and when extracurricular play might happen, that it would more likely occur with us as the team we're becoming. That's a paradigm I've known and enjoyed before, and would be thrilled to see it in my world again. After all, adventurous sexplay is just so much better when it's shared with one's best and intimate friend, I think.

Kara's presence in my world is a fun, vibrant, feral, welcome change. I'm looking forward to seeing where the faeries take me.


Anonymous said...


sidhne said...

dear Rogue, i'm so glad you've found happiness in this woman. oddly enough, i'm in much the same position. i wish good love to us both!

Harley said...

Bliss is wonderful and it is wonderful that you are experiencing it. She is lucky that you are so enthralled with her.

Rogue said...

Anonymous: She is. Life is. It is.

Sidhne: Thank you, daahlingk. And I wish you all the most scandalous best with your newfound firecracker too. We really have to get together over a bottle of mead (free with a $14 ballpoint pen?) sometime.

Harley: She is. I am. This is a bliss I'll gladly follow.

sidhne said...

Rogue, i'm drinking Earle Estates these days, from S's part of the woods. let me pour you a glass.

Kara said...

I am very lucky, and also enthralled ... I begin to see what you see, and want to experience more from your treasure trove ... you take my breath away!

Rogue said...

I like it when your breath gets taken away. ;)

Love you.

Kara said...

Yeah, me too! *deep sigh*