Thursday, August 20, 2009

She is my woman now.

So I'm hanging out with my therapist (and, yes, I think everyone should indulge... and I do mean "indulge"... in professional therapy from time to time), and as we discuss relationship issues it hits me that I'm actually, really happy.

My astrologer (and, yes, I think everyone should indulge... and I do mean "indulge"... in professional divination from time to time) tells me that I'm just coming out of a challenging Saturn influence in my life and world that began in September 2007. How ironic that is, when I think of what began and ended within this influence.

It occurs to me that after two months of dating, travelling, wining, dining, and fucking our brains out, I have no complaints about what's going on between myself and Kara. Not a one. Not a one.

That this feels really good. That it's taking virtually no effort. That I'm completely thrilled to be nurturing, supporting, listening to her. That seeing her blossom and unfold before (and under) me is scandalously delicious. That she is so goddamned cool. That I can barely understand, much less relate to, the amount of unyielding joy that I sense is before me.

"You have privilege and responsibility," she said to me this morning, said to me as our naked bodies were entwined on her comfortable bed. We had just indulged in a sensual quickie where I held her deliciously tiny ass as I slid my cock inside her sweet depths, bursting myself on her pert cheeks as she smiled and breathed deeply.

I've not known this much relaxed and unfettered sensuality with a partner in years. As she gradually finds herself in deeper and deeper bliss as well, witnessing her discover her feral consciousnes, to see her feel safe enough and nurtured enough to do so, leaves me beaming with pleasure.

I like this.


Anonymous said...

Extremely interesting there Rogue that I have been experiencing nearly the same as you, over the past 60 days.
A woman that is as free as I am to express her desires and needs, and wants to please and be pleased as well, with no reservations or hang-ups.

The sex is very easy, very sensual, and so real and right. I sense this too with you and Kara.

We've remarked many times that this has been the absolute best for the both of us, in all ways, and we are amazed at how much erotic and pure hot releases we have together.

We feed each other.

Yes, I like this.

All the best to you both.

pennyroyal said...

Good for you!

Rogue said...

Thank you both.