Tuesday, August 25, 2009

A shameless appeal accompanied with a nice tittie picture to help motivate you.

Recently, I learned that my ex-wife, Heidi, has developed breast cancer.

After lung cancer, breast cancer is the most common form of the disease, and is the fifth most likely cause of all cancer deaths. Treatment typically includes drugs, surgery, and radiation. Heidi has already undergone enough treatment to lose most of her hair, and while shorthaired women are a huge fetish for me, God knows I wouldn't wish this particular hairstyle on even my loopy ex-wife out of this as a reason.

You know, just because an ex and me might have some strong differences in our past, or, in Heidi's case, a poor choice for marriage, that doesn't necessarily mean that I'm unwilling to Be There As Best As Possible when Serious Stuff happens.

Breast cancer is Serious Stuff. I've brought it up before. And, to be perfectly Guy about it, now I'm talking about a lovely pair of tits that I've personally loved for crying out loud...

... So I'm going to ask you, shameless and dear readers that you all are, to cough up a little cash and support my ex-wife's effort in the upcoming Toronto Breast Cancer Walk. If you're one of my female readers, do it for a sister. If you're one of my male readers, do it for your love of healthy and happy titties. Just do it. Please.

Donate here. Donate now.

Seriously... even a little from each of you goes a long way. Help me sleep better tonight.

Oh. And here`s your gratuitous tittie picture.


Red said...

I have buried too many friends this year due to one for of cancer or another.

Wish her the best from Blue and I.

Rogue said...

Thank you.