Sunday, June 27, 2010

Civil disobedience, Canadian style.

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Rogue said...

Most Torontonians were not at all pleased about the G20 Summit being held in its downtown core, and for several reasons. The expense for hosting the event was ridiculous, and prompted a jibe from the French.

But also, Torontonians in general are not excited by strict applications to law enforcement, and the G20 saw some of the most rigid police activity in the city's history.

That a small group of people, being called in local media as the "Black Bloc," did riot in the streets both infuriated Torontonians with their actions as well as the heavyhanded police responses it resulted in.

Some news reports suggest that the so-called Black Bloc mostly included out-of-towners who regularly travel to events like the G20 to raise hell.

This video shows, as far as I like to believe, a more genuine example of how the average Torontonian would make a protest: clever, smarmy, and turning it into a moment of fun.