Sunday, June 6, 2010

Truth in advertising.

I'm at work when she texts me, excitedly.

Kara: Ha! Growers Cider is advertising with poster of nudists at a picnic! I KNEW I liked that product! ;)

True enough, Grower's Cider from British Columbia is probably our favourite relaxing-after-a-long-day drink, and while it's very rare that I plug a commercial product in this blog, clothing-optional themes definitely get my attention. Especially if its from something the grrlfiend and me actually do like.

It seems the people at Grower's teamed up with Toronto advertising firm Huxley Quayle von Bismark who ingeniously took Grower's 'natural cider' ball and ran with it. "We created this trans-media idea based around the simple concept that since Growers Cider is all natural," cites the firm's website, "it would appeal to the most natural of people – naturalists. Fun ensues."

The advertisers then approached the very open and very natural people at the Bare Oaks naturist community in rural Ontario, who were delighted to participate in the ad campaign. But the firm didn't stop there, and tweaked Grower's own website to permit viewers to upload and "nudify" their own personal images. Fun definitely ensues.

Kara and me really should pay a visit to Bare Oaks sometime. Meanwhile, we're gonna get nekkid now and have a few drinks. Wanna join us?


Anonymous said...

Great blog. Obviously a labour of love and it's appreciated!

Rogue said...

Thank you. By all means, drop in any time, strip, and enjoy the scenery. Your comments are always welcome.

The ciders are cooling quickly in the freezer. Just don't let the bottle burst on ya.

And don't worry about the cats. None of them bite. But they shed. Remember that if you come by wearing black.

Kara said...


Best to avoid black altogether! And Rogue, hmmm, I am becoming more intrigued about your off-the-cuff suggestion of making a visit to Bare Oaks! ;)

Rogue said...

Hey. You. The one with the sexygeeky glasses and spankable li'l behind.

Love you. On my way to the munch now...