Thursday, June 3, 2010

Conduct unbecoming.

That being said, it intrigues me that recent news reports indicate that Canada's commander of Joint Task Force units in the deserts of Kandahar, Brigadier General Daniel Ménard, was recently relieved of duty for having an "inappropriate relationship" with a fellow soldier.

Initial reports were elusive as to the gender of the other soldier in question, leaving people like me to ponder as to the general's preferences. But no, the man is straight, and apparently married to a female Canadian soldier. However, and unlike in an American military scenario, General Ménard has been ousted from his command not so much because of the 'adultery' involved but for the intimacy itself. Canadian military policy prohibits even an act as seemingly innocent as hand-holding between partners while in uniform as a breach to unit discipline and morale.

As much as I can understand the policy's rationale, I can't help but ask myself: The man is in the desert. For the love of God, let him get laid.

Kind of reminds me of Larry Flynt's argument about which was more offensive: sex or war?

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