Thursday, June 19, 2008

Body language.

Knowing that naturism/nudism has nothing to do with sex, my breath was still taken away by a fun and sensual photo in today's paper. Profiling an Ontario naturist resort, Toronto Star photographer Keith Beaty captured a delightfully sexy image of staffmember Nikki, a busty redhead whose radiant face and laughing eyes stopped me in my tracks.

Also entertaining today was news of the Austrian and German women's soccer teams for Euro 2008, who recently played topless with their respective national colours bodypainted on their chests. What oneup(wo)manship might this bode for beach volleyball? Hrm.

And then there was the blonde stray kitten I spied today who, in tying the laces of her Doc Martens, almost completely revealed her boyish, pale derriere. Yes, I enjoy warm weather.

thumb Toronto Star

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