Friday, June 13, 2008

Under the roses and eucalyptus.

If you're looking for a post that will excite you, get you off, or otherwise entertain you with ribald tales of sexual bliss and joy, you may wish to ignore this post.

These last few weeks have been so tumultous, so drastic, so challenging. It grieves me deeply, even deeper than previously, to say that it seems that Shayne and I are over after all. The playful poll, submitted after she asked to have me back after an earlier break-up, has been removed because, well, to not do so would be in poor taste.

I love Shayne very, very much. To my shock and horror, I have compromised her trust and health and now face the real consequences of a terrible mistake because I was too stupid to know better. To have so hurt my best friend, especially when she stood on the threshold of committing herself even further to our relationship, is something I will never forget and will not forgive myself for.

I do love you, Shayne. I hope things can improve between us in time. I stand here for you. I miss you already.

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