Thursday, June 26, 2008

A night out with the boys.

It was the gear and the grill, more than the guys, that brought me to the infamous Black Eagle last night as my Pride 2008 debauch continued. It's all about the vibe, baby. How could I possibly turn down thick burgers with crumbled bleu cheese, cold red beer, and a display of leather paraded by its iconic experts?

Because, let's face it, when it comes to fetish wear at its most unadulterated form and less-is-more elegant best, the gay community has it down. From a fuckfashion point of view, the goth crowd may be more imaginative, more expressionist, but sometimes I find that the simple purity of a good military bootblacking outshines (so to speak) the outrageous. A plain black tee or a buff chest in a harness or vest, boots like mirrors, only the hint of steel, leather pants or chaps over denim, and all topped with a leather offiziers hut makes the foundation for standard Top uniform. You just don't see that kind of bdsm back-to-basics, do-it-right attitude among those for whom fetish play is often more about being hip than power exchange.

My vantage point was not nearly as envious as during my recent playparty excursion to Funhaus, the crowds being overwhelming once the popular Mr. Leather Pride event got started. Still, over many beers and two trips to the barbecue, I enjoyed a long discussion with a new friend about the nature of pansexuality.

I think gay guys are cool. Quite a turn, isn't it? Often, I'd rather hang out as buddies with the gay men because in a sense, they feel far more open-minded, open-hearted, and far less sexually repressed than straight dudes. Anyone from any orientation can be a moron, but this has just been my experience. In that regard, some friends have described me as being queer, though not gay, and I enjoy that.

What's the distinction? For me, queer theory has more to do with an approach toward sexual culture as a whole rather than simply what gets me off. I think cocks are cool, but watching the gay porn on the monitors above the bar really does nothing for me. Go figure.

The leather-clad dudes strutted their stuff. The cluster of giggling women who arrived weren't too intrusive to the vibe. The beer was cold and plentiful. The energy was relaxed and casual. The burgers and steak were awesome.

And then my new friend and I went into the blackroom where I let him suck my cock.

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CollegeHookerBoy said...

That story sure ended with a bang. So you're not gay, eh?

Rogue said...

A dyketyke for sure. "Pansexual" works.

thedirtyblonde said...

Thanks for your comment over in my little part of the internet, and double thanks for surprising me with leather, man, naked bottom, harness, spread-eagling, all in the one picture on this entry. Phwoarrrrr :-). I'll read the words later.

Rogue said...

Normally, it's more likely that I'd share leather, woman, naked bottom, harness, spread-eagling... but I'm pleased that my brief diversion brought a smile (or more?) to you.

Nice growl there, lady. *wink*