Wednesday, June 4, 2008

Let there be consequences.

You may have very recently read how, during our trip to see each other last week, Shayne and I broke up. The last few days gave us both some time to think, and I smirk playfully to myself when I share with you now that the saucy little tart has asked to have me back. Isn't that sweet?

I love the wench, and of course I took her back. So, we're together again, and that means that you, you shameless blog-reading voyeur you, will likely get to hear more tales of how she sucks my cock, takes me in her darling ass, gets fucked against the wall, and spanked into a reddened, sniffling state.

But let's be fair to one another here, you and I. Shayne's brief departure from my bed threatened our mutual pleasure, did it not? Wouldn't you have missed more sordid tales about this tomboyish slut? I'm sure you would have.

So, ever one to try and turn a setback into an advantage, I'm going to shamelessly invoke some Top privilege here. I think that little miss hussy deserves to experience some personal consequences for her temporary moment of insanity. Don't you agree? Yes, I think some public humiliation of some variety is in order, and rest assured that once it's been delivered (and, mind you, it'll be a little while before we get to see each other again) I'll make it a point to share every detail here with you.

So share your thoughts. Comment. Respond to the new poll. My tongue is in my cheek when I say that we, you and I, have a right to get some satisfaction out of this tawdry, naughty girl. Wouldn't you agree? Further, she deserves to have it displayed for our mutual fun. Should she be severely spanked? Should she be forced to blow me without regard to her knees or her tender throat? Should she wear her schoolgirl uniform and get birched in the woods? Something in public? Something in a dungeon?

What does the saucy, repentant Shayne deserve?

~ thumb private collection


Anonymous said...

I think a cockgag is in order.
hold your dick n your hand so that only an inch or so is available, then worm it in, feeding her frenzy. slowly add in more, then grab the back of her head, tell her to flatten her tongue, don't hod her breath, then push it in. She should get to a point where her eyes water, her saliva drips from her mouth, then engulfs your head past the back of her tongue, That should do it.
bet she comes back for more of that.

Anonymous said...

well. i voted.
can you guess which way i swung?
~love, pixieg