Tuesday, June 3, 2008

Shayne's hangover remedy.

After a night of way too much rum, I had just wobbled my way into a Starbucks and was alternating my attention between a book and a barista's lovely little ass when my cellphone chirps. From 500 miles away, Shayne's nimble wee fingers are talking to me.

Shayne: On Sunday, a man on the street told me I had nice legs. I want you to kiss lick and bite these gams until i'm sighing & languid.
Shayne: And i want to kiss and suck your gorgeous strong arms, palms & fingers.
Me: Starbucks. Coffee. Lowfat turkey breakfast sammich. Woozy.
Me: And horny. Checkin out bums. Horny and woozy sucks.
Shayne: Ug... poor baby. Smoking grass always helps my hangovers. So does greasy food & napping. And giving head.
Me: Sucking cock cures hangovers? Hm. Maybe, instead of laundry, I should go to the porn theatre and give it a go...
Shayne: Not really. But i'd love to suck your sweet hard cock today.
Shayne: How many times a day would you ideally have sex?
Me: Youre just trying to kiss 'n make up with me, hussy. Just how easy you think I am? ;)
Shayne: No really tho. How many? And... well... maybe that's part of it... but we didn't get to screw NEARLY enough while together. My very much bad.
Me: Bad girls get spanked. ...I go thru waves: I'll want it twice a day, at least 3-4 a week, then will cool down and not want it much for a week or so. You?
Shayne: It's been so long since I had a regular sex partner that... i'm not sure. But if i could have sex before breakfast and dinner every day or two i'd be one happy pixiegrrl.
Me: Hrm. I wonder if -you- sucking -me- would cure my hangover. I bet it would, and I'm not even greasy. Slightly salty maybe...
Me: Id love to burst in your mouth.
Shayne: Mm. I'd like that too. Sucking your dick is so gratifying. I really love doing it.
Me: Tell me why. Tell me how I feel, what you like about it.
Shayne: I like feeling you grow hard in my mouth. I like sucking your head like a lolly. I like looking up at you from a sub position. I like stroking your balls, feeling them go from soft to wrinkling & taut.
Shayne: I like the clean salty taste of your skin. I like how you instruct me & respond to my learning.
Shayne: I love your gasps, stroking my head while i close my eyes and get wet from the pleasure i'm giving you. I like the messy saliva on my face. I luv tasting ur cum.

~ thumbs Bell Canada, Drunken Teen Orgies.

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