Thursday, June 5, 2008

Titillated, happy, and afraid. Good.

Shayne: Read your blog. You fiend. ;) And I voted.
Me: How did that post make you feel?
Shayne: Titillated. Happy. Giggling. In love. Starry eyed and fearing for my flesh. ;)
Me: So far, your nibbles are very safe from torture. ;)
Shayne: Ha
Me: Yeah, youre right. I'll likely have my way with em anyway.
Shayne: Oh haha
Me: One reader wants me to be gentle. Several want your ass.
Shayne: Can't decide who I like more...
Me: I have a mind to tug you leashbound to Galleria Domain if public spanking 'wins.' But poker is catching up... I wonder if Annie would be interested... ;)
Shayne: Oy!

Like Shayne, you may enjoy reading the post below. Afterward, certainly respond to the poll at right: you can vote for as many selections as you like. Let's make her pay dearly, shall we?

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