Thursday, July 21, 2011

Big girls, big love.

The scene: Another bar.
Three elegant, resplendently dressed BBWs, two brunettes and a blonde, are relaxing in the back room of a charming Cabbagetown pub. They lounge on overstuffed loveseats. They dish.

BBW 1: "So, he's like, 'No, really, I have problems with it.'"

BBW 2: "Problems?"

BBW 1: "Yeah. He gets all sheepish and, like, he says, 'Well, it's ten inches, and most girls can't handle it.'"

BBW 3: "Ten inches?"

BBW 1: "Yeah, so then he asks if I wanna see it, and I'm, like, 'Fuck yeah, I wanna see it!' and I gotta tell you, this guy was massive..."

BBW 2: "Wow..."

BBW 1: "...and thick like this, like a Coke can, and I'm like, 'Uh, no way is that thing going inside me!'..."

BBW 3: "...and, you know, it's not like it gets all hard in the same way, you know?..."

BBW 2: "Well, anything more than eight inches is kinda a waste anyway."

BBW 1: "But still, bigger just feels better, right? It just does. I mean, yeah, I once knew a guy who didn't have a particularly impressive penis, and he was one of the best lovers I ever had because of his attitude, his personality, his style, but still."

BBW 2: "Yeah."

BBW 1: "...Yeah, but big dicks don't get as hard. Especially for the ass. Like, if I'm gonna get it in the ass, it's gotta be really hard, you know?"

BBW 2: "Yeah."

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