Sunday, July 10, 2011

I swear.

Yes, I will be upgrading the blog soon. It's just been that busy, and it's still challenging to be a reasonably responsible blogger without having consistent puter access.

Can you tell what's on my summer shopping agenda?

Stuff that's happening:
> I'm still reconstructing my world after the past year of ridiculous economic nonsense.
> But in the last year, I've discovered Tumblr, and have had scandalous fun exploring its voyeuristic possibilities.
> Ami, a delightfully cheerful grad student with whom I can't quite figure out if we're just-dating or FWBs or what, is living with me for the summer.
> I'm still completely thrilled to have been published by Cleis and meditating on where to Take It next.
> For me, Pride was relaxing and quiet. I tipsily strolled through Church Street and got hit on a lot by gay bears. Ran into some friends from the local kink scene. No sex shows, no late nights out; just a fine day in the sun.
> I'm still networking to develop a spanking party group in my area.
> I still think about Shayne, and The Grrl, too much. I always seem to do that with The Ones That Got Away. What the fuck is up with that?
> I could use a strong, frosty dacquiri and a strong, thorough blowjob.

That is all. More when the Fates permit.


Aurore said...

Yay spanking parties ;)

We always think about the ones that got away...why did they, could we have done anything differently...that will never change. Over time you hope that it lessens to make room for someone else to stay.

Rogue said...

Defintely, "yay spanking parties." So far, the networking on FetLife is going well. I'm hoping to have a thang going by August.

I agree. But me, I have a love/hate relationship with rumninating about past relationships. Sucks being an earth sign sometimes.