Saturday, February 21, 2009

An apple for teacher.

Irony. As I carefully drove through the falling snow, I laughed to myself about the total irony of it all.

All of my life, I've usually found myself attracted to almost the opposite "type" of woman that advertising media, pop culture, and standard-issue porn insisted I get attracted to. When my high school buddies drooled over Loni Anderson, I was (and remain) weak in the knees for Annie Lennox. The buxom blonde bombshell looked great on the fuselage of a fighter plane or in a classic pin-up calendar, lovely to admire in a centrefold, but for all my appreciation for bodily diversity, my libido usually fell prey to Rosie the Riveter. Punk grrls. Tombois.

And yet here I was, en route to the Schoolteacher's condo. Schoolteacher Karen, with the long blonde hair and huge tits. Part of me feels as though I've crested the definitive peak of male vanilla heterosexuality. My father, tit-man that he was, would undoubtedly be proud. For me, it's a little weird. But I'm still smirking.

After several days of hysterical emails and fun phonesex play during our first conversation together, she won me over. I liked her confidence, her intelligence, and the fact that she seemed to have her life together. Nice. She's making up for lost time following an unsatisfying marriage and dating "nice" guys with passive-aggressive issues. I can handle that.

And how could I resist the opportunity to further corrupt a successful, middle class, parochial school teacher? Oh, the fantasy potential. Schoolgirl uniforms would be redundant.

Her elegant and charmingly spartan pad was already aglow with candles, and lasagna warmed in the kitchen as we opened the shiraz that I brought with me. I hadn't been there for more than fifteen minutes before, as we languished on her leather couch and discussed our lives, that she leaned close to me for a sensual kiss. One became several. The generous cushions on her chest pressed firmly to me as she leaned forward, her mouth slowly exploring mine.

We talked about mutual interests, the swinger's events that former dates of hers had brought her to, my past in phonesex and the leather clubs. We chuckled over the divergence between our respective spiritualities. We discussed sextoys, and it felt completely casual and relaxed when we briefly peeked online to peruse options we could potentially share. She liked the idea that I review them, and apparently her girlfriends had already been teasing her about that fact of me.

I smirked to myself when, following dinner, she simply took my hand and led me into her bedroom. She matter-of-factly showed me her small collection of toys, all cleverly locked in a fishing tackle box. From under her collecton of rabbit vibes, lubes, and the massive Ziploc baggie of condoms, she withdrew a pair of Velcro restraints.

And I thought she needed corrupting. Silly me.

"Put them on me," she asked quietly as we stood next to her bed. "I... just like the feel of them on." I smiled as I undid the Velcro and wrapped the straps snugly to each of her wrists.

But as we made out on her bed, her quaint Catholic girl sensibilities tried in vain to limit her enjoyment. Had a pesky angel truly reared itself on her shoulder and cool the evening down, naturally I would have relaxed; I hadn't any preconceived notions about the evening at all, apart from lasagna and shiraz. Yet watching Schoolteacher push away those prudish anti-sexual spirits elated me. She wasn't listening. She was giving in to her desire. How lovely.

Whilst my nibbles teased the nape of her sensitive neck, my hands explored her almost-intimidating breasts, my fingers sending shockwaves to her clit as I gently rolled her nipples between them from over her sensuous and expensive bra. She lay on her back, wrists dangling above her head and over the edge of the bed, as I gripped both D-rings of the restraints in my right forefinger. Laying beside her, I teased her large breasts while tugging her wrists firmly, and Schoolteacher squirmed her hips in slow gyrations from the slow torture. She moaned how she enjoyed the firmness of my left hand as it caressed her arm, her tummy, her thighs, and her gyrations quickened when my palm cupped her mound from over her bluejeans. Her kisses became insistent. My hand seethed in moist warmth. Feeling the heat from under the denim reminded me of heavy petting during after-school parties. Ironic.

That angel on her shoulder must have huffed and puffed impotently when her bra was removed, those incredible goddessly tits bared before me and my tickling tongue. I'm certain that by the time the jeans were being tugged down her thighs, that angel had departed to seek out some other sinful Catholic girl to aggravate, leaving the one under me to her imminent perdition.

Begone, spirit, begone. Lovers would have their way here.

Schoolteacher lay before me, clad only in white cotton panties and her long, blonde streams. Her bare and bountilful breasts swayed gently as breathed heavily, looking up to me while I stripped off my shirt. I slinked atop of her, gently cupping a breast in each hand, and she groaned aloud as my lips caressed her body. Brief nips at her areolae sent her into spasms, and her hands tussled under the pillows at her head. Kneeling up, I smiled.

"How'd you like me to go down on you?" I asked casually.

Not a pesky angel, but a troublesome imp appeared at her shoulder next, for she paused. In a brief time-out, we cuddled as we talked about some past experiences with less-than-ideal lovers that had left her unsure in that regard. I caressed her leg as she shared some apprehensions, and alleviated her tension that, yes definitely, I do enjoy sucking pussy. Inwardly, I rolled my eyes at the insensitivity of some men.

Schoolteacher decided to trust me. Schoolteacher rolled over when I asked her to. Schoolteacher showed me her generous ass when I lowered her panties.

Raining her bottom with kisses and nips, my hands explored her back and tugged strands of her long, blonde hair. I hoisted her to her knees, and chuckled when she looked at me from over her shoulder.

"Like this?" she asked, perplexed.

My reply was to hold her bum with my hands as lay on my stomach and tilt my mouth to her, swabbing her shaven mound with the full of my wet tongue. Immediately, she bucked forward slightly with a heavy groan, and began faintly shaking as my mouth explored her while she relaxed. With genuine assurances that I was having oodles of fun with her clean and soft folds at my mouth, I could feel her apprehension ease as she gave herself permission to admit her pleasure in my pleasure. Her groans became more intense, her moans deeper. Had this women ever received good head before? I settled my weight on the bed and decided to completely take my time, wanting her to enjoy herself. I teased her slowly, gently, the tip of my tongue flicking at her hardening clit and sending her into shudders. When I moved upward and began swirling the tip around her winking anus, she quaked uncontrollably.

"No one's ever done that to me before!" she ecstatically cried out, her face in the pillow and her ass in the air, between her deep gasps. As I alternated between her backdoor and her pussy, sliding first one and then two fingers inside her quivering body as I teased her clit, she moaned and screamed and whimpered deliciously. Rolling on to her back, she stared into my eyes as I feasted on her until, finally, her legs scissored around me as she crested into a massive, shuddering cum. She kept repeating my name as she came down from her crest. I smiled as I caught my breath.

Catholic girl sensibilities were tossed to the wind by the time my jeans found themselves on the floor. She stroked my shaft slowly as I lay back, her passionate kisses feeding me. Coiling an arm down the length of my body, she kissed her way down my chest to my throbbing cock and hoisted herself on her hip to bring her head above me. I caressed her long hair as it cascaded on my abs while she took me in her mouth, her tongue teasing the crown of my cockhead in slow, wet swirls. There's something very relaxing about getting sucked in this position, a lover beside you and bent to face your legs, watching her head bob slowly from behind. There's more mystery to what she'd doing because I can't see her face, and more surprise when she does the unexpected. Schoolteacher did something nicely unexpected when I felt her mouth suck me deep, the base of me almost to her lips, my cockhead sliding against the roof of her full mouth. Nice.

She adjusted herself, kneeling between my legs to blow me more vigourously, and she looked into my face as she did so. I became thicker and harder as she nursed on my cock, teasing my smooth balls with her tongue as she jacked me. Schoolteacher likes cock, and I gave her as much as she wanted, for as long as she wanted.

"I want you to fuck me," she whimpered past her puffy, wet lips, just slightly and naughtily swollen from pumping up and down my shaft. I thrust my dick into her mouth for a few more strokes, and she slurped me noisily, her face moist with spit. I wanted the scent of me on her face when I took her.

I tugged her up for a slow kiss before leaving the bed. As I wrapped my twitching cock, she assumed the position with her feet on the floor and lay her head down on the bed. Her ass swayed before me saucily, and I rested one foot on the edge of the bed as I gripped her hips and aimed myself for her tightness. She gripped me snugly as her hands pressed into the bed's comforter, and I slid myself slowly inside her until my balls barely met her clit. Pushing that much further in, I stopped when all my length was comfortably burrowed in her pussy, and then I gradually withdrew and started a slow fuck. She groaned and closed her eyes, her face down onto the bed as she gasped quietly. I built up speed and insistence, holding firmly to her hips until I was tugging her back toward me and my balls began slapping noisily against her wet flesh. I was fucking a schoolteacher, and the schoolteacher liked it.

"I love the feel of your cock in me," she panted, begging me to fuck her harder. I moved my hands to her haunches and held her ass against my palms as I thrust deeply. She shook against the bed as I took her, and I watched the falling snow through her bedroom window while her pussy cloyed and gripped around my pumping dick. She started to moan as her orgasm built inside her. She cried out my name.

"Fuck me! Please fuck me!"

Pushing her down to the bed, I held her ass as I mounted her from behind, biting the nape of her neck. When she came, she spasmed deliciously.

We took a breather, enjoying the wine. She laughed at how furiously she had cum as I went down on her, and it was clear that any apprehensions she had were gone. I enjoyed that. She made serious I'm-having-fun eyes to me, and I enjoyed that more.

As we cuddled, I playfully spanked her ass and she shrieked satisfyingly. Teasing her rosebud with a lubed fingertip, she went into her own world of bliss as I happily discovered how she enjoyed attention there. Gradually, one, and then two of lubed fingers began exploring her backdoor, and she met my strokes with an upraised ass and a quiet sigh or two.

Now how could I resist this? Palming some lubricant, I stroked my reawakened cock until I was slick and glossy. I shifted on the bed to mount her from behind again, slowly sliding my cockhead between her pert asscheeks until the tip of me found the crinkled doorway I was seeking.

"Are you ok?" I asked. She nodded. And slowly, I slid the tip of me into her until pausing after the fateful breach with my glans. Caressing her hair, I took a deep breath and steadied myself as I slowly, purposefully fucked the Schoolteacher in her pretty ass. Her face contorted beautifully as she felt me take her, my thickness filling her up as she panted under me. I raised myself up, fists near her forearms, my ass pumping downwards and upwards as I thrust my cock deeply. She was tight and took me readily.

It was a long night.

The following morning, she almost made herself late for school (!) because she wanted a little more cock for breakfast. I snuzzled into the warm sheets as I gently thrust my morning wood into her slurping mouth before she darted into the shower. Later, as we approached her car, she fumbled for her keys while her hands were full of assorted stuff. Frustrated, she passed to a handful of things into my hands as she reached into her pockets.

I found myself holding a handsome granny smith apple, and I burst out laughing.


pennyroyal said...

wild. but i still say the last one shoulda stuck around.

mina said...

*breathes deeply* yes.. this was hot.

Rogue said...

pennyroyal ~
Glad you liked. And as for the 'last one,' well, thanks for the support.

mina ~
Don't forget to breathe now, darling. ;)

hollybelle1 said...

AS a schoolteacher, I can tell you that we are not as uptight as might be believed. And, good for you for showing your schoolteacher that there are men out there who know how to eat a woman right:)

Rogue said...

Do I get an A, Ms. Belle?

... Or am I to report to study hall later?


Thank you. And I'm so glad to see you here and enjoying. Come often.

hollybelle1 said...

How about an A- and you can report to study hall:)

Rogue said...


Ms. Belle? Hi. Is this the right room for study hall? ...Well, seems so, but no other students are cramming here.

... Why are you locking the door, Ms. Belle?