Friday, February 6, 2009

She has a new boyfriend.

The scene: Two young women, a brunette with groceries and her blonde friend, on the movator of a large supermarket.

Brunette: So you wanna go out tonight?

Blonde: (laughs) Yeah, I'll be your boyfriend. We'll go on a date.

Brunette: (laughs) You'll be my boyfriend?

Blonde: Yeah, why not?

Brunette: (laughs) Then are you gonna lay your coat down across the slush for me when we get to the car?

Blonde: (laughs) Uh...

Brunette: (laughs) Yeah, no one really does that anymore, do they?


Diable Incarne said...

Tis the month for Raleigh references, it would seem...

Rogue said...

Even when I was a kid, I thought Raleigh was amazingly cool. And, call me late for checking out great films, I *just* saw the two Cate Blanchett Elizabeth films. While Raliegh's portrayal in Elizabeth: The Golden Age wasn't entirely accurate (it was Francis Drake who battled the Armada, not Raleigh), I thought his portrayal was fun and sexy. For a guy.

Welcome to the blog. Enjoy.

Diable Incarne said...

Thank you. I followed my paramour, Viv over...

Yes, Raleigh has always been a favorite historical character of mine as well, as much for his poetry and bold and rakish behavior, as much as his exploits. Owen did a fine job of capturing his spirit in the film, and while Drake led the battle, Raleigh's involvement is not entirely known.

I had posted some of his poetry on one of my blogs a week or so ago. I am always in awe of "In the grace of wit, of tongue, and face". I laugh at "The Lie", and recite various other lines from his works at times.

Enjoy your Sunday.