Thursday, February 26, 2009


The pungent smoke sifted through my parlour in low-laying waves of grey haze. It swirled as we strode through it, as our limbs reached up into the air while we stretched ourselves, entangled, on the cushions. Her legs raised upward, her toes curled as her feet were shaking, her calves moving in unison to the hard thrusting I was giving her as she lay on her tiny back. Our clothes were in chaotic piles on the floor. Between her spread thighs, my hips and ass bounced insistently while her arms held me tight and close, her nails biting under my shoulderblades from spread, thin fingers.

She liked to fuck, her blowjobs were the stuff of dreams, and she was one of only three women I've ever known who uncontrollably and beautifully ejaculated when she came.

Stefany was an elf, a dirty little sprite from the Unseelie Court. An early30s disgruntled telemarketer, she was petite with sharp facial features, thin limbs, the tiniest of bubble-butt asses, the slimmest of hips, and breasts so small they were little more than perky raspberries atop thin spongecake. She was a faerie that came from the Other Side Of The Tracks and seasoned on the fringes with urban grit and persevering struggle. A carefree, lithe shorthaired brunette whose diet almost entirely consisted of two-litre bottles of Diet Coke, weed, and Du Maurier cigarettes, she was once an interesting part of my world.

As with several women I've come to know since the Grrl, we met online and enjoyed a fun email exchange before our first date. That evening was fun and relaxed, and as expected, sexually uneventful. She was playfully coy that night, which made both of us smirk. Maybe she was teasing me. Maybe she was testing me. But when we got together next, ostensibly for dinner and a DVD at my place, she melted against me when I casually reached for her as we stood near the bedroom door and gave her a slow, lingering kiss.

Dinner-and-a-movie was soon forgotten when I turned on some jazz and she prepared a green bud that she revealed from her bag. I smiled as I fetched something to serve as an ashtray while pouring the wine. The blown glass pipe glowed as we shared it. It wasn't long before that spectacular sensation filled us, relaxing every tension in our bodies and clouding our senses with soft, pinprick comfort. This was a light indulgence, a gentle whisper to ease the senses, and a rare treat for me.

We cuddled and relaxed, enjoying the music. Our kisses became hungrier and deeper, and her hands tugged through my hair as she pulled me close. Her tongue darted past my lips when she tilted her head. Our mouths explored one another, and she felt lithe and taut and small in my arms and hands.

My shirt was lost first, and then hers, her incredibly tiny faerie tits straining their nipples outward like hitchhiker thumbs. Losing sense of time, we made out like eager high school kids and slowly peeled the rest of our clothes off one another. The room was scented with green life as her hands stroked my back and biceps, as my hands clutched her flat stomach and caressed the seam of her small ass. My fingertips were barely sensing her heat and wetness when she began undoing the buckle of my belt and tugging my jeans down as she sat beside me.

Both naked, our warm hands continued to sensually roam on one another, heightening the sensations inside our body from the smouldering pipe. We sat side by side, just slightly facing one another, arms entwined our bodies, constantly kissing, constantly touching, constantly caressing. She panted when I bent my head down to rain kisses on her perky little breasts, holding my head against her. I panted when she reached between my crossed legs to gently cup and squeeze my sack. My cock was hard as stone, a pillar that spiked straight upward from between my thighs.

Her hand moved in circles as she squeezed me, feeling my fullness, gently tugging each individual ball between her tiny fingers. Suddenly, she stopped kissing me, planted a hand firmly to the center of my chest, and pushed me back. Moving her squeezing hand upward to stroke my shaft, she gave me one look into my eye, panting, before her head dropped into my lap with an open mouth.

I gasped as I watched her, leaning back against the cushions, my legs still crossed on the futon. Sitting beside me, she bent her tiny naked self completely over and immediately swabbed a wet tongue onto the swollen head of cock. My head shot back and I tried to maintain control as her mouth enveloped me, her lips just under the ridge and her tongue darting down the length of my shaft before she started to suck it.

Her head slowly twisted as her mouth coated me in saliva, bobbing as she fed. Gradually, more and more of my shaft was in her mouth, until I felt the back of her throat against my cockhead. A hand returned to squeezing my balls as she slurped and sucked me, her spit coating my length and gradually sliding between my thighs.

"Mmm," I groaned to her. "You like that? You like sucking my cock, Stefany?" She replied with a rapid flick of her tongue across my glans before going back to sucking me some more.

I ran my fingers through her dark hair, easing back and totally relaxing as I felt her mouth devour me. There aren't many pleasures in life that can surpass getting oral while pleasantly high, and her moans made my balls throb as I felt her throaty vibrations to my root. Her lips were getting swollen and wet with cocksucking, and she could have easily milked me completely, but I was determined to taste her too.

Tugging her upward from her hair, I planted a strong kiss on her wet lips that she returned eagerly. I shifted my legs from under me, scooting down the length of the futon on my back until my head was near her legs, then motioned for her to straddle my face. She laughed and carefully placed her knees above my head and lowered her glistening pussy to my waiting mouth. On her elbows and knees, she reached for the pipe again, relit it, and enjoyed a puff or two as my hands reached up and over to caress her back. I closed my eyes as languished in having her sweet labia at my lips and tongue.

I loved holding her little butt as it squirmed above me. I loved it when she thrust her head down and pressed her pussy hard against me. I loved it when her calves against my ears muffled her cries aloud when my tongue was slowly circling her clit, or probing deeply within her, or slickly exploring the contours of her sex. She was tight and teeny, light and virtually weightless upon me. Her tiny pebble thrummed and danced as I sucked and licked it teasingly.

I was holding her ass in my hands, spreading her open as I gently pulled her pussy onto my extended tongue, fucking her with it, when a slow and rumbling shudder began gripping her. Her hips started bucking as she ground her beautiful cunt into my face and her body began to stiffen. My tongue lashed her clit and she suddenly jolted, went completely solid and still, and then let out a long, enduring, deep and grunting scream that arched her quivering back and brought her head high. As my tongue continued flicking at her clit, suddenly I was awash from my chin to my chest with her exploding cum as she gushed completely on me. I had not expected her to squirt, but once I realized what was happening and that I'd safely be able to breathe (my mouth being just at her cleft), I relaxed and languished in this incredibly rare, sexy experience. Her squirt gushed from her again and again and again and again, and in split seconds my chin, beard, chest, abs, and the futon under me were completely soaked in her essence. Had a spigot been held above me to release floods of water from a hose, I wouldn't have known the difference... except that her essence was warm and nicely scented with her most intimate self. I was awestruck, and once the initial surprise went past me, happily continued caressing and squeezing her ass and sucking her clit until her uncontrollable shaking so very slowly began to subside into a state of blissful numbness. Oh. My God.

Never before, and never since, have I known such an experience. I felt like Columbus, charting some new and astounding dimension with my experience with women's sexuality. The Grrl and Molly have ejaculated during play with me, but only Stefany had ever done so to totally soak me drenched and dripping.

I just had to fuck her.

After she found herself again, I stood and shared a sip of wine with her. She sat on the futon, watching my swaying dick before her face as I drank, my chest still drenched in her fluids. She leaned forward and took me again in her mouth, pulling on me with her sucking lips as she made me harden all the more. Again I withdrew myself from her expertise and moved to hover over her eagerly spread legs as she revealed that naughty pussy to me in all of its lurid and ejaculating goodness. Her tiny feet rose in the air, and I enjoyed the sight of her wee bum spread on the futon under her glistening folds. I kneeled down to her, I held her calf, and I slowly aimed and slid my thick cock inside her elven body. I leaned in close and she wrapped arms around me. The room smelled of weed and her cum. I started to fuck her.

My eyes were shut tight as she panted into my ear, her face against my cheek, the fused scent of her clipped hair and her grrlcum upon me filling my lungs as I groaned above her. I felt my balls, heavy and full, slap against her ass loudly while she lay on the futon. I pumped my cock as deeply into her as I could, blissful in the blended feeling of her warm and small body, my straining and gripped dick inside her, the cannabis that tickled and thrummed my every nerve ending, and her nails into my skin. I would thrust, fuck, pump, stroke, and then stop to stay still while pressing my cockhead gently but firmly inside her. Flexing my abdomen, I forced more blood into my cock to make it twitch and swell even thicker, then would circle my hips to grind my spongy cockhead throughout her, only to return to vigorous, hard pumping again. She was lithe enough that I could easily move myself to a slight side angle, brushing my swollen head against the interior walls of her wet and flexible vagina in a slow, deliciously agonizing downstroke until I hit bottom, and then to return to deep and resolute pumping. Her tight, shaven, drenched little pussy gobbled my phallus eagerly. I felt her thin outer labia get tugged along my shaft as I withdrew. Her eyes were screwed as tightly shut as could be, and her mouth formed a perfect O as she panted loudly under me, her hands clawing my back as she got herself soundly and thoroughly taken.

"Jesus Christ!" Stefany panted underneath me. "You know how to fuck!"

Words I'll never forget.

We saw each other for about four months two summers ago, and it was a surreal but good time. Stefany loved to suck cock, and she was exceptionally good at it. She didn't get my seed in her mouth on the night that she came on my chest, but she definitely did during several nights thereafter. Crashing at her place, we would smoke up with her friends, and she would deftly slide between my legs later to blow me before we cuddled to sleep.

She would stroke me to hardness as she rested her face on my thigh, her tongue darted across my glans with rapid flicks before she would swab my cockhead with a strong tongue. Licking her lips noisily, she would bring her mouth around my girth with a slight sexy moan from her throat, and the audible slurping from her deliciously slutty lips would harden me like stone. She would engulf my cock to the root, and while her lips slid upwards again, her slurps increased an amazing suction around my entire girth.

When I had her on her knees, she literally worshipped my throbbing dick with her tight, wet mouth. I would hold her head in place and fuck her lips as she breathed rapidly through her nose. I'd touch her cheeks and feel them tugged inward as she sucked. She moaned and squirmed, never taking her lips away, when my pumping increased just before I let loose with a torrent of seed across her searching tongue.

Nice, very nice.

Sex with Stefany almost always included getting high, and with mutual inhibitions gently eased at the corners, our fucking became wild and hard. I adored her tiny chest, her faerie titties with rose-capped nipples that begged to be teased, and for a woman so modestly endowed, she languished in my attentions there with gyrating hips and quiet moans. Her lithe stature made intricate positions easy, but it was the depth I could reach inside her from friendly ol' missionary that always thrilled me. Moving her legs one way or another, I found intense angles for my cock to burrow into her with. My cock found a freedom of movement that enabled me to shake Stef's world, and I loved it. There's nothing quite like escorting a lover into heights of screaming ecstacy.

But dating Stefany was a bizarre experience. Like a good polyamorist, I was still seeing the Tomboy at the time, and between these two women I found myself in an unenviable but funny dynamic. The Tomboy, for all of her neuroses, had her life somewhat together and was a lot of fun to be with, but the sexual energy often left a little energy to be desired for me. Stef, on the other hand, was a sexual dynamo, but her life was in total disarray. I was torn. Further, despite the skills she had, there were sexual limits with Stefany that would have frustrated me completely if we were to be monogamous, and that was a forseeable problem.

In the end, we stopped seeing each other. She realized that she disliked a polyamorous approach, and I sadly realized that she was ultimately looking for a meal ticket. Her complete lack of goals, apart from "getting married and being taken care of," filled me with red lights, so it ended casually over a nice dinner out. It's a shame, really. We've spoken from time to time since, and I've wished her the best.


Not-so Virtuous Vivian said...

Oh, how fondly I recall the comfortable numbness...and the loss of inhibition. ;)

Rogue said...

Mmm. I love sex under this influence. I've hd some very spiritual experiences that way with some past lovers whom I deeply miss.

And thank you, Madeline Glass, for selecting this post for the latest Fleshbot sexblog roundup. :)

Not-so Virtuous Vivian said...

Spiritual indeed. Out-of-body even.

Rogue said...

Absolutely. In one experience I enjoyed with the Grrl, the first time we had sex actually, I was convinced that not only had I touched God... but became God, part of God, part of the everlasting and bursting process of creation.

It's challenging to "justify" the use of even soft drugs when there is so much ruination in the world because of narcotics. But then... we also enjoy wine, don't we? And the simple truth is that I've foound that conscious, responsible, very moderate use of some natural materials (as opposed to, say, crack) is outstanding when shared with sex.