Sunday, February 1, 2009

Just sayin.

Happy birthday, beautiful. I love and miss you.


Rogue said...

At first, I second-guessed whether I wanted to have the previous post in such proximity to this one. The last idea I would want to convey is that I see Shayne as some kind of "replacement" to the Grrl, or vice versa.

But I see a certain poignancy in these two posts, and in the body postures of these two amazing women in these two images. There's a romantic, tragic poetry in them, each conveying the mood.

Although it would be wonderful to see Shayne roll over, squinch her sexily pierced nose in that morning light, and smile again.

Rogue said...

This is one of my favourite photographs of her.

Rogue said...

I'm glad that you finally got the present. Enjoy the Diana Krall song.

I still think of you every day. I miss you. Take care.

penny said...

i still say that its her loss. what you two shared was beautiful and hot. glad to read that youre doing ok tho.