Tuesday, February 10, 2009

This is completely gratuitous.

I enjoy porn. So do you.

But, perhaps unlike others who make picture catalogs of their sexblogs, 'sharing faves' and the like, I prefer to use a hot pic to enhance or illustrate something else in the story that I'm sharing with you.

So if I find myself making a small exception and simply offering a hot visual for the hot visual's sake, I hope you'll agree that it'll be worthwhile...

I think there's something worshipful, sensual, but also intensely hot about watching my lover's face when she climaxes. And, I ask you, is there anything more arousing than a woman in the fullness of her sexual, shameless confidence?

I can't embed this video, and the provider will likely keep it freely available for only a brief time, but trust me on this...

She wants you to watch. Give her what she wants.

1 comment:

penny said...

oh my god, she's amazing