Friday, March 27, 2009

And Clinton didn't inhale.

Toronto Star reporters Vanessa Lu and David Bruser must have a lot of time on their hands. And, as a result, Toronto city councillors Frank Di Giorgio, Giorgio Mammoliti and Cesar Palacio must be fielding some interesting phone calls.

These gentlemen enjoyed lunch near pervert's row during an "industry facility tour" of the House of Lancaster stripclub yesterday, and its made the local news. Seems they were there to inspect "what kind of facilities they have for the girls that work in there, whether everything was clean, whether they had space to store their materials."

"I think we made constructive use of our lunchtime," Di Giorgio was quoted. "We basically came over to see what the facility was like, and everything was okay in my estimation."

But we didn't look, they said.

"Absolutely not. We just took a tour of the facility."

When asked by scandal-sniffing reporters (who by odd coincidence were just outside the club as these fellows dined) if their tour might not have been more "appropriately" conducted by a city inspector, Mammoliti defended their tittybar lunch. "We were invited to come and check the conditions. There is nothing wrong with that."

The report incurred a flurry of public commentary in local news media. In good, laid-back, Canadian fashion however, many commentators have been shrugging shoulders about the politicos' presence among the T&A. But still, isn't it interesting that they found it necessary to deny having watched the dancers? Unless they really didn't. But then, what does it say when we know at least the reporters sniffed something amiss in all this?

Either way, it demonstrates the continuing need to the view the sexual as the prurient, the wrong, the unsavoury. Or to be defensive about deriving satisfaction from the same.

Meanwhile, in Europe, Swedish politician Goeran Eurenius starred in at least fourteen adult films prior to and during his term as Haerryda city councillor. Socialist politician and Italian porn star Milly D'Abbraccio featured her ass prominently on all campaign posters during her 2008 bid for Rome city council. And as "Cicciolina," veteran porn star Ilona Staller successfuly served one term in the Italian Parliament between 1987 and 1991, and remains politically active today.



Kimberly said...

You know, I keep trying to find people to inspect my facilities without success...maybe politicians are the answer.

Rogue said...

Is this where I put on my suit, fasten a campaign button or two on the lapel, grab a clipboard, and casually knock on your door?

Aneris said...

UrbRg: many of us need sex to be purient, to be dirty, so that we can enjoy it.

Of course they had to emphasize not looking. They can't be just like everyone else and be a leader, correct/

Rogue said...

Well... if prurience is your pleasure, far be it from me to compromise ise ot for you... ;)

(And, yeah, I do kinda agree!)

Hrm. I dunno... I think leadership and sexiness needn't be mutually exclusive. Take Barack and Michelle, for example.