Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Women in black.

The scene: A downtown bus in Toronto.

Boarding this bus are two attractive, young, black women each wearing matching black suits and black sunglasses. They're pretty hip. They board the bus hand-in-hand, the first following the second, as the second says something playfully scoldingly to the first while they are boarding.

The Second: ... Yeah, that was very naughty...

The First: (Speaking to her partner, but now directly in front of the driver.) Oh really? So then do you wanna spank me?

Bus Driver: (Smirks in response.) Oh, thanks, but she can do that.

The First: (After a brief pause, then laughs with her partner.) ...Ah! Public transit!


Anonymous said...

And you were eating up the imagery huh??

Rogue said...

Oh, these women were stunners. You know it.