Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Service while u wait.

She was getting ready for a weekend away with friends, and her car was in the shop. That afternoon, she was supposed to be grading papers, but instead she made a booty call. Such a hussy.

The Schoolteacher is one my newest friends, and while we really have precious little in common (she the condo-dwelling Catholic school soccer mom, me the artsy-neighborhood heretical leatherman), she really likes me and enjoys nurturing her latent bad-assness when I'm around.

And it's so hard for me to turn down a good opportunity to corrupt a woman of God.

I smiled to myself as I drove out to meet her at her mechanic's garage. The last time we were together, we talked about kink and basic bondage play, which she readily admitted having had fantasies about for years. It quickly became clear that I hadchainlengths worth of more experience there than she, and the possibilities seemed astronomical. So, naturally, I packed a little toybag before I left the house.

I arrived at the garage. She greeted me with a kiss. The car would only take a few short hours, Mechanic Guy said. Come back in a few.

The Schoolteacher, an extraordinarily buxom longhaired blonde, sashayed her denim-covered hips with a laugh as she looked at the clock on the dirty garage wall. I rolled my eyes with a smirk as we made our way to my car.

At her condo, there was only the briefest smalltalk before she reached for me as we lounged on the leather couch. Her kisses were deep and hungry, and once again I felt the incredible presence of her truly huge breasts upon my chest. After a while, she got up to pour me some wine, but took none for herself.

She had given it up for Lent.

But cock, I soon discovered, was perfectly fine.

I carried my wine in one hand, her wrist in the other, as I led her into the bedroom. We made out as we stood before the foot of her pillow-strewn bed, my hands caressing her back and tugging her long locks. I unbuttoned her top to reveal an elegant burgundy bra straining with round fullness. She lay herself down. I removed my shirt. She groaned at the sight of my broad chest and reached upward to caress my nipples and shoulders. Smiling, I placed a knee between her knees as I climbed atop of her, and as I planted a firm and searching kiss onto her open mouth, slowly pressed and circled that knee against her mound. Even through both of our jeans, I could feel the heat that seethed between her legs as I bit her lower lip and flicked a tongue along her jawline. She gasped and writhed deliciously underneath me.

"I love how you make me feel," she said to me in a whisper.

"You'll love this," I replied as I began undoing her jeans, tugging them down over her feet, and parting her legs.

Her panties were moist already, and when I swabbed the fullness of her sex with the wet flat of my tongue after tugging them aside, her hiss filled my ears. Her hips rode up and I kept pace with her squirms, never letting my tongue leave her folds or the thrumming button inside them until she eventually came in a long shuddering sigh.

I spun her over to reveal her ass to me. I yanked the panties down her legs. I gave her butt a few friendly swats before tugging my belt open and removing my jeans. I lay down beside her.

She tasted her sex on my mouth as she kissed me again, and gradually moved her way down my chest. Soon, I was right back where I was during my last visit to her bed: on my back, my head enveloped by huge pillows, the Schoolteacher'sblonde head bobbing slowly in my lap as she languidly sucked my dick.

But our time was short, and I had an agenda to fulfill. Inspired by an image I had posted here recently, and by her expressed desire for light bondage, I slowly pulled myself away from her teasingly. My wet cock wagged in her face for a moment as I did so, eliciting the nicest little whimper of disappointment from her throat.

She looked at me as she lay curled on the bed. I reached for my wineglass and savoured a long pull from it. Standing at the foot of the bed again, I placed mytoybag next to her feet and opened it, looking into her eyes and smiling.

"What are you doing?" she asked.

"Do you know what a safeword is?" I asked this beginner in return. Her eyes widened just a little as she nodded.

I already had her little wrist restraints handy, those same restraints she previously confessed to me as enjoying to wear "just for the feel of them." From my bag, I withdrew some steel clamps and my pair of ankle restraints.

I love these restraints. I don't remember how I acquired them or who gave them to me, but I remember being told that they are genuine patient restraints from a mental health facility. That salacious history and their supreme construction, thickness, hardiness, and comfort allow me to forgive the fact that they are brown leather.

"On your hands and knees," I instructed. She obeyed.

"Face down, all the way down," I instructed. She complied.

This left her ass high and round in the air, especially when I adjusted her so that her upper body weight was supported by her shoulders against the bed. I reached for her wrists, securing them in her restraints, and brought them under her massive tits and against her feet. I secured my asylum restraints to her ankles, smiling as their brass rings slid through their leather slots unforgivingly. Using a pair of double-ended steel hooks, I clikked ankle to wrist to wrist to ankle into a continuous line of leather and steel.

Her feet dangled over the edge of the bed. The side of her face and her shoulders were firmly planted onto the sheets. Her ass was fully available, raised saucily high, completely vulnerable for my use.

I admired her soccer mom's posterior as she got used to her position. I sipped the wine that she so obediently denied herself. I began spanking her broad, round, naughty ass as she cried out loud and pleaded. Ignoring her protestations, I didn't relent until each cheek was appropriately red and blushing, framed with the strokes of my nails along her thighs and back, dappled with the tiniest scarlet dots and faint handprints. Her face was flushed with embarrassment, but her quivering pussy was flushed with excitement. Her folds were almost purple and dripping when my hand began swatting her there also. I cleaned off my dampened fingers with swipes across her brutalized ass.

She squirmed in her restraints, undoubtedly experiencing some of her first stirrings of deeper submissiveness. Though by my standards I was being terribly gentle, this was still probably a little more than she bargained for... so I chose to give her what she was expecting, although in my own tawdry way.

I gave her a few more sound swats as I wrapped my cock. Stopping to caress her back, I held a hip as I pulled her closer to me, slowly sliding mycockhead into her drenched tunnel until every bit of me was deep inside her. Her gasps were different now, and when I held both hips firmly and started to use her pussy for my own pleasure, her cries stopped including pleas for mercy.

The steel clamps clackled against the D-rings as I fucked her, the bed squeaking as my thrusts urged the mattress forward. I took her deeply, firmly, feeling her tighten around me as I stood behind her and thrust. I pulled her ass against me as I pumped inside her, and my balls slapped noisily on her skin until she screamed and came, shuddering.

I slowed down and withdrew. I sipped my wine. I checked the circulation in her wrists. She was doing fine, fine, more than fine.

But I wasn't done. Still enjoying the sight of her ass so beautifully high in the air, and knowing that I was sparing her more interesting torments that I otherwise would have ushered her through, I decided that I deserved one particular treat.

I returned to my toybag and began lubing my fingers as I riveted my gaze to her oh so vulnerable, oh so available, oh so tender anus. Her hole was faded pink and surrounded with a sunburst of short, little seams. I teased her ring with my wet fingers as she closed her eyes and opened her mouth silently, her face still pressed down, down, down to the bed. Her hole clenched against my fingertip as I wiggled my wet index finger inside her, circling her, only slightly widening her up. Squeezing the bottle, I ran a line of lube down the length of my cock and then slowly stroked myself until I was covered with joyful goo. I tapped my cockhead against her rosebud, held her hip with my free hand again, and gradually pressed forward and watched the head of my cock slither and pop into her nethers. Eventually, I was gripping handfulls of her asscheeks as I tugged her against me, impaling her onto me, taking her.

The Schoolteacher squirmed. The Schoolteacher moaned. The Schoolteacher stayed on her shoulders and knees, locked in restraints by the wrists and ankles against each other, while I fucked her submitting, Lent-observing, should-really-be-grading-papers ass until her entire body was shaking and perspiring and cumming and red and squirming and utterly, completely fucked.

Her cellphone rang. Her car was ready. She blinked her eyes a lot after I released her and held her shaking body under the blankets before we each grabbed a shower. She was still weak in her knees, she said, by the time I was dropping her back to her mechanic's garage.

I smiled as I drove home, tapping my little toybag with my hand.


Aneris said...

Truly you are incorrigible.

Rogue said...

Dastardly and depraved.