Sunday, March 8, 2009

The pornographer.

The scene: A late20s guy makes a cellphone call while riding the streetcar.

Guy: Hello? Hey, it's me. So, how'd she work out? ...No, huh. She wasn't into it. ...Well, maybe she just wasn't ready for it, yaknow? ...No, no, it's ok, it's ok, I was sort of looking for more of a woman of quality anyway. Maybe we can hook him up with... no, hey, you're the only one who thinks he's ugly, ok? Maybe we can hook him up with Madeleine. ...Uh huh. Well, you know, she (whispers)... yeah. ...Oh, yeah, Bangkok is all set, you'll love it, but we got to plan this carefully because we'll be wiped out from all the partying later, so we want to get in as much as we can from the start...

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Rogue said...

I have to admit: my eyebrows were raised a lot more by his "more of a woman of quality" quip than by what it was that he seemed to be talking about.