Friday, May 28, 2010


The scene: A discussion between co-workers in a silkscreening business.

Male Co-worker: "Hey. You have chopsticks in your hair."

Female Co-worker: "Uh, yeah. Pens sometimes too."

Male Co-worker: "I have this friend, he and I would go to karaoke bars, and we'd always see this one woman there who had chopsticks in her hair..."

Female Co-worker: (folding a shirt) "Uh huh."

Male Co-worker: " we got to calling her 'Chopsticks,' you know? Well, not long ago, this friend called me and was, like, 'Hey! You'll never believe what I just saw!'"

Female Co-worker: "Uh huh..."

Male Co-worker: "'I was at this strip club,' he said, 'and guess who was dancing in front of me? It was Chopsticks! Chopsticks is a stripper!'"

Female Co-worker: "A karaoke-singing stripper. Well, I guess if you're doing karaoke, you may as well push your exhibitionism all way, huh?"

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Rogue said...

The irony is that I had Thai tonight.