Monday, May 17, 2010

Gay math.

This morning (after she playfully scolded me for being dead asleep last night when she tried to rouse me to fuck), I was driving her to work. Kara, you may remember, is a high school math teacher.

"So I'm covering adding and subtracting polynomials, right? It's hard because a lot of these kids just aren't getting how to combine the like terms, not realizing that a negative number and doing the subtraction is essentially the same thing.

"Then one of the kids, this guy who's usually a handful, pipes in to say that adding x squared is like 'homo math.' Huh?"

"Yeah, he says, because keeping x squared together is like the boys staying with the boys, and only adding x to x is like the girls being with girls."

"Kinda tell you what's going on in the back of his head," I say.

"Hey," she laughs. "Whatever helps 'em remember."


Anonymous said...

Hello and thank you for your generous and deliciously devilish blogging!

I think it may have escaped your attention that the graphic for this post appears (to me at least) to be anti-gay-marriage propaganda. I.e. 2 + 3 does not equal 4, 7 + 4 does not equal 8, etc., thus woman + woman does not equal marriage.

I've gathered from your writing that your are entirely gay-positive, so I thought I should point this out.

The math story, on the other hand, is a gem!

Thank you again : )

Rogue said...

*headdesk* You know, as a Top, it isn't often that I get to say things like, "I stand corrected." You're right.

So that'll be a lesson to me to not post when I'm rushing out the door.

See above. And thanks for both your correction and kind remarks. Chime in anytime.