Wednesday, May 5, 2010

Good feelings.

Remember Shayne?

I don't always get to deleting things from my email folders, and every now and then I find that I'm pleased for it. This is from last May, about when things began to finally change between us, before I met Kara. I was in a Toronto internet cafe and she was in her Chicago office cubicle. It's probably the last saucy little chat exchange between us before everything went haywire.

Me: Cmere. Bend over.

Shayne: hoo! every time you say that electricity shoots from my clit to my cunt and up my spine making my nipples hard in the process and getting my saliva glands all worked up. AROUSAL

Me: Well, my my. You're so easy to please, you little tart. I've been enjoying the thot of you bent over your kitchen table, the scent of fire-roasted peppers and your sex in the room. Yum yum.

Shayne: oooh, good combo. you know, i had this realization last night. when you talk about spending an hour, or hours, giving me head, i can't ::like:: fathom that. it seems completely unreal and fantastical and i don't know how i would react. all of which is rather interesting to me. damn. i'm totally horny now.

Shayne loved it when I gave her head. I have hot memories of corkscrewing my hands, alterating between my left and right under well-lubed non-latex gloves, as I took her miniball of a clit between my lips.

Me: You'd love a decadent treat like that, I'm certain. It'd be fun fun fun... you, a super comfy chair, a pipefull, some wine, mellow tunage, and my slowly circling tongue, probing hands, and smiling eyes.

Shayne: mmmm i loved when you would look up at me with a mouthful of cunt. so many good feelings associated with it.

Well, those good feelings lapsed for a while. It's been about a year, which I can scarcely believe, actually. After our final break (because God knows we seesawed for the longest time), there was the expected amount of angst between us. She was being an ass. I was being confused. Time was, as should be expected in all situations like that, necessary.

But very recently, we've become friends again. I'm pleased for this because Shayne was and remains important to me, one of my favourite people. Our lives have progressed, of course, and that's ok. We connect through sites like Facebook and FetLife. I enjoy her poetry and her blogging, she asks me for advice about reading Tarot cards and thinks of me when she rebuilds household shrines. Our worlds are good.

She's since moved to Washington state and is enjoying a good, rustic life with her new man, an artistic Daddy who takes her camping in giant geodome tents and hogties her in the woods. She's happy, and that's all that's ultimately important. Me, I smile and nod and remain pleased for her, as well as for our friendship as I continue to embark on adventures of my own and make worldly plans with my awesome friend and lover, Kara. Perhaps one day she and her Dude will break bread with me and my Pet, and over cold beers and a hearty meal of grilled Ontario salmon we'll make laughing eyes and make tribe. It's a nice idea.

Do love ya, Shayne. No, really. Nice to be ok with you again. Peace.

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Rogue said...

Oh. And incidentally, she and her dude are making an urchin.

...Yeah, I saw that coming eventually. And, yeah, she has my support.

Cuz, you know, in my heart, she'll always be my friend, and cuz there's a big part of me that always saw her as a Mommy.

Even, and despite, if part of me also sees her as an adorable kid.